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Luna Carina: "Overall, a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into this record.."

"We’d just gone to number one in the U.K. physical charts. Glorious sunshine, huge crowd and a crowning triumph."

PIK'R TINS The pick tins by The Music Trunk.

A Trunk Load Of Awesomeness


From £34.99! CHEK EM OUT £4.99! 👉 Check em Out 👉 Read more

A Trunk In 1 2 3!


Choose your Trunk


Choose your string type and gauge or let us choose for you. Why not add a personalised note inside your trunk? (optional)


Your all set. Wait for your Trunk to arrive (FREE UK DELIVERY) Enjoy 😉

Our customers say

A wonderful guitar strap with floral and mystical like designs that I personally adore

A Zito

This Trunk box is just perfect as is suggested!! It literally has everything inside all good quality too. There's nothing like it anywhere I am so pleased with it

Andrew. G

The designs are so creative and unique. Highly recommend getting one

Will. M

I can't believe everything you get inside for the price, and it's cool stuff not just box fillers

Emma, S

It's so colourful and inviting to look at, the Zine is great my Son loves it.

Vicky. P

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