Mexican Dogs

Mexican Dogs band picture

Latest release: Mexican Dogs

Release date: May 13th 2022

EP: 4 Songs – 15 min 43 sec

Gaz Wicox, Carl Rooney and Sonny Winder-Rogers are a trio from Liverpool. They are an abundance of modern day Bluesy, Rock style and project a similarity to the likes of The Black Keys and Royal Blood. Even a little of 60’s Rock n Roll legends seep through their defining sound. Mexican Dogs have definitely got a hold on something here, we love them here at The Music Trunk and implore you to listen to them! Especially if you like Bluesy, Rock N Roll like The Black Keys, Black Pistol Fire and that type of jam. Lets be honest who doesn’t love a bit scratchy fills and over driven riffs complimented by a wiry vocal?


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