The Zines

Our first Volume in 'The Zines' collection is 'The Guitar Trunk'. It's a companion, a keep sake and it's our take on the old age Zines concept from the 1930's.

They were originally called 'Fanzines' or 'Perzines' and sci-fi fans created and self-published them.They were usually reproduced via photocopier. Zines were a product of an individual or a small group and created a happy environment and encouraged their community to be more connected.

They are a curation of someones creative eye or opinion of the editor. "The Music Trunk Zines" has reignited the concept and given it a makeover! Introducing it's symbolism to musicians, instrument players and music lovers.
With pages of information, tips and advice like introducing the Capo and its uses or the Pick and it's variations the Zine is flickering with casual concepts.

Enjoy bite-size tips like 'how to string your guitar' and quick, easy charts to look at, that help you find your way around essential chords and their keys. The Zine is presented in a colourful 16 page A5 staple bind booklet.

Beautifully designed "The Zine" is a great addition to your trunk. As was the original Zine's intent, to add an  exclusivity, a purpose for the communities and groups that wanted something to follow, very similar to a today's Instagram before the internet influx. Like most things in creative fields, moods and genres recreation is inevitable. A recreation of something but, instilled with a today's attitude. The Zine is back.