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Do you ever wonder where your pick has gone? Are you always losing it? 

Does it get on your nerves searching for it? Under the table? Under the sofa? On the stairs? In your jeans pocket, that's just been in the wash? Or has it dropped Into your guitar!?

Well look no further with Pik'r Tins

The perfect home for your picks. These pick tins are great little tins that will keep your picks in a safe and quirky place.

All the Pik'r Tins come with a selection of picks inside them so you will be well stocked up with picks! Just choose your pick gauge.

The first 5 in the Pik'r Tin series:

1. The Lonesome Pik'r

2. Crazy Skulz Pik'r 

3. Sundown Cowboy Pik'r

4. The Happy Pik'r

5. Wasted Barren Pik'r

Collect them all!

What you waiting for? Get your Pik'r Tin now!


x1 Pik'r Tin

x10 Picks



Delivery of Pik'r Tins to other European and International areas is £4.50

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Paul R.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Pik tin

I got a pik tin from The Music Trunk and I absolutely love it I'm forever losing piks! Great little funky tin to have on me and in my guitar case. Thanks!!!

Dave A.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Pik'r Tin

These tins are great, they look great and different and quirky. But one of the best things about them is that you get 10 Dunlop picks (gauge choice too) Inside them!! For £4.99!! 10 Dunlop picks alone would cost this price! A great price for a great product . Cheers Music Trunk

Jenny t.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Pik tin

These tins are awesome! Can't wait to get another. The Happy Pikr next me thinks

W m.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Pik tin

My pik’r tin has just arrived, what a fantastic idea this is, great way to store my pik, as I’m always loosing them. The designs are so creative and unique too. Highly recommend getting one. Thankyou

Al T.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Pick Tin

If you’re like me and you are forever loosing your picks, this tin is great for storing them, and its great for putting it in your pocket as well no more loosing picks for me!