The Lowtones

The Lowtones band


Latest release: Front Row Empty

Release date: April 23 2022

EP: 5 Songs – 12 min 57 sec


The Lowtones are Oliver 'Mav' Mavilio (vocals), Jack Abbott (guitar), Tim Cary (bass guitar), and George Abbott (drums), who fashioned the band in Norwich in February 2020.  Their music is heavily influenced by 80’s British post-punk rock bands like The Clash, Joy Division and The Smiths. This era is well reflected in their sound, resulting in a great mix of 80’s post-punk whilst delivering their own alternative rock take on that quite dark and mellow sound. It has reels of meaning and depth. The Lowtones have a real authenticity about them and with more music planned in the very near future we think that they could be knocking on the doors of some big bands to secure a supporting band status. 


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