The Ultimate Guitar Trunk

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Experience the ultimate gift for guitarists

With over £55 worth of accessories and content The Ultimate Guitar Trunk is a game changer in the guitar gift box/learning experience.

Create your music session and be immersed with everything a guitarist needs with The Ultimate Guitar Trunk. Whether you are a guitar beginner, professional, teacher or just dabble a little The Ultimate Guitar Trunk is perfect for you. 

Are you buying a gift for a guitar player? This is a must buy! It's a great choice for any guitarist. The perfect gift for a guitarist.

It intends to keep you entertained, focused, motivated and stocked with all you need in your guitar ride.

It can be so overwhelming when looking for what guitar accessories are right for you and what you should get.

Well look no further The Ultimate Guitar Trunk is everything you need and more!

With an abundance of accessories and lots of learning resources that will put you in the right path to guitar mastery.

The Ultimate Guitar Trunk is a one-off box filled with everything a guitarist needs.

No more searching for those guitar accessories over and over, like that strap that you never get round to getting…The Ultimate Guitar Trunk has just the strap.

Imagine standing there with immense focus and relaxed attitude, with your eyes closed in your bedroom envisioning being in front of thousands of people, with your iconic floral strap attached to your guitar that bleeds Hendrix era flamboyance.

Don’t worry if your thinking “will it fit my acoustic?” Yep of course it fits both acoustic and electric guitars! We’ll even thrown in 2 strap locks to keep you in check.

Have you wondered what gauge picks you may prefer? Well try out the variety of gauges from our Dunlop picks included that come with a Dunlop pick holder!

With a choice of acoustic or electric strings you will be fully equipped for whatever session you intend to play. Maybe you only play acoustic or electric and want to double up? It’s your choice!

Play with a Capo and shorten your guitar to create those open chords further up your guitar using our brass metal sprung loaded Capo. It is as robust as a Rhino with minimal plastic parts that should last you a lifetime!

Never be out of tune with the clip-on tuner that easily clips on the guitar readily available always for when you need to tune up.


You may be thinking “it’s all well and good having all these accessories, but how will I tune my guitar?” “How do I know what pick gauges there are?” “What about the Capo, I have no idea what it really does?”


Well don’t worry, We have laid out all this information in our beautifully designed 16-page Zine that provides bite-size information and concepts that are easy to understand and use.

Not only have we put a Zine in the trunk but, we have thrown 12 flash cards with motivational content, quick riffs and more mini concepts that will help you along your guitar learning journey.


After all that guitar playing you may want to settle down and admire the beauty of your instrument and give it a shine with some Dunlop Lemon Oil or polish and cloth. All included in The Ultimate Guitar Trunk.

Don’t take our word for it see for yourself or look at our video review.


Trunk Contents 

  • Classic Music Trunk Box

  • X2 set of strings 

  • Capo

  • Clip on tuner

  • X12 picks

  • Retro floral guitar strap 

  • Pick holder

  • String winder

  • Flash cards

  • Zine

  • Cleaning cloth

  • Fret-board cleaner or similar

  • X2 Strap locks


Choosing Your String Gauge

We advise that you try and find out what string gauges you require as every guitarist establishes their own gauge. However, if you are buying for someone else it can be difficult to find this out. When first starting to learn guitar it is quite common to use lighter strings as this is less strenuous on the fingertips, making it easier to push down on the strings. If you are unsure what strings to choose we advise for beginners extra light or light. Lighter strings are often used in the early years of playing. If it's for a more regular player or a definite experienced guitarist then possibly go for medium. The heavier strings are good for rock and metal music and also very common when drop tuning is used.  


Quality Guaranteed

We only put quality accessories inside the Trunks that are tried and tested. All Trunks may have slightly different brands of accessories and we guarantee the quality for your peace of mind. It is very uncommon but sometimes bad batches of strings can find there way into customers hands. The main string brands we use are Martin, Ernie Ball, Concetto and D'addario. Concetto strings are fully guaranteed at the point of manufacture. If you have any issues with these strings you can send them back to the manufacturer and they will re send you new ones, all the information is on the back of the string packs. For all other brands if damaged please send back to us and follow our returns procedure.

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Emma S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Amazing guitar stuff! quick delivery aswell

This box is so good i cant believe everything you get inside for the price, and its cool stuff not just box fillers. Well known brands and quirky bits as wel. I would recommend this to everyone ive been searching for a gift just like it this is it.

The Music Trunk

Thankyou Emma we appreciate your review and glad you like your Trunk!

Andrew G.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
The Ultimate Guitar Trunk

This trunk box is just perfect as is suggested!! It literally has everything inside all good quality too. There is nothing like this anywhere i am so pleased with it. My Wife bought for me for a gift she done well! Thank you Music Trunk

Sam J.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Guitar Trunk

Amazing gift! I got this for my birthday off my partner and it has everything! Love it! Thanks