Big Mack Truck: Quimby's Country Tribute to Grandpa's Legacy

Big Mack Truck: Quimby's Country Tribute to Grandpa's Legacy

Titled "Grandpa's Big Rig," the lead track from his upcoming sophomore album "Homeward Bound," Quimby's freshest single is a masterfully crafted homage to his grandfather, a seasoned trucker whose journey crisscrossed the nation behind the wheel of a mighty eighteen-wheeler. With a spirited, toe-tapping melody that epitomises Quimby's signature honky-tonk flair, "Grandpa's Big Rig" puts on full display not only his lyrical finesse but also the collective virtuosity of his band, delivering an authentic slice of pure country gold.

Hailing from the heartlands of Connecticut but now rooted in the musical mecca of Nashville, this rising star recently took to the gram to drop the news of his latest release, offering a glimpse into the heart and soul of the tune.

"Y'all ready for this? 'Grandpa's Big Rig' is officially on the airwaves! For those new to my sound, Joshua Quimby burst onto the scene in January 2022, captivating listeners far and wide with his distinctive, gravelly vocals. Since then, he's been on a relentless journey, dropping gems like his self-titled debut album 'Joshua Quimby' and following it up with the 'Worn Overalls' and 'Joshua Quimby Unplugged' EPs in 2023, alongside a string of singles. With every release, Quimby's fanbase grows stronger, and the future looks brighter."

A wordsmith extraordinaire, Quimby's knack for storytelling extends beyond his original compositions, earning him acclaim for his soulful renditions of classics like Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" and Colter Wall's "The Devil Wears a Stetson." With "Grandpa's Big Rig," Quimby cements his status as a torchbearer for authentic country music, steering his way towards greatness with every note.

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