What You Will Get When You Order

Upon successful placement of your order, you will receive a confirmation email along with a unique order number. This order number will serve as your reference for tracking your order through your personalised account. Once we have received your order, our dedicated team will commence the process of creating, writing, and publishing the content, as well as scheduling posts across our various social media platforms. Upon completion, you will be notified via email, containing a link to access the published piece. If you encounter any issues, kindly communicate with us by replying to the aforementioned email.

All features will be published on our website, and include the image and release sent in your order details, along with your social media pages, and any purchase links you might want included. All marketing is then completed via our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, with posts scheduled to be published every 4-5 days for the three weeks following each order.

The following is a breakdown of what each service includes.

Music Reviews & Features

For our reviews and features, your single, EP, or album will be carefully considered, with a 300 word (minimum) piece written, proofed, and published on our website. Along with the write up, we will also embed your release or video within the piece. Preferred platforms are Spotify, Soundcloud, and YouTube, however we can adapt to other streaming services if needed.

Alongside the write-up and embed, we will also include links to your own website and social media pages, along with any streaming or purchases links you might want included. 

Our reviews will aim to be a thoughtful analysis of your music, and as such, will include a final score (marked out of ten), while our features are predominantly premieres or more informative pieces.

Artist Profile

Our profiles aim to shine a spotlight on yourself or your band, showcasing your style, releases, influences, and inspirations. We will deliver a 300 word (minimum) piece that will act as a biography, including quotes about yourself or your band from the order details you submit, along with all social media links, and an embed of your music. 


Our interviews work off a standard form, which aims to cover all the important aspects of your music and style. If there is something in particular you’d like to discuss, or if some of the questions in our form do not fit your criteria, please contact us after placing your order, and we can arrange for updated questions.

Each interview will be written in a conversation form, and will include an opening paragraph about your or your band, along with all your social media links, and an embed of your music.

Press Releases

As with our music features, our press releases involve a 300 word (minimum) piece written, proofed, and formatted, so it will be available for use as soon as it has been delivered. Along with the write up, we will also include an image of yourself, your band, or the release artwork, along with your release, video, or pre-save link within the piece.

Once completed, the press releases will be emailed to you as both a Word Document and PDF. The press release will also be formatted for publication on our website as a feature article, which will be promoted on our social media pages ensuring maximum exposure.


If there is any other services you would like us to offer, improvements that can be made, or if there is any other way we may be able to assist you, please contact us via email or our social media pages below.