A cheeky Nod to the 90's - Rosellas

A cheeky Nod to the 90's - Rosellas

Emerging onto the music scene in 2019, Rosellas have swiftly carved out an impressive repertoire of songs that showcases their prowess as Manchester's melody maestros. With an innate talent for crafting anthemic choruses, the momentum firmly rests with this dynamic group. Their uncanny resemblance and cheeky nod to the 90's sound is a nice touch... The year 2022 marked a significant chapter for Rosellas, with notable support slots for Starsailor and Andrew Cushin, coupled with their own headline performances. The success of their recent major UK headline tour, culminating in a triumphant finale in Manchester, speaks volumes, as many shows sold out in advance.

Adding to their musical journey, Rosellas have unveiled their latest single, "Hideaway," the second track from their upcoming EP, "Somewhere Inbetween." Recorded at Big City Jacks in Bury and produced by the skilled Oliver Shillito, the single fulfills the band's promise of delivering moody guitar-heavy rock infused with soaring choruses and captivating rock'n'roll piano. "Hideaway" immerses listeners in a narrative that explores emotional depths within the quest for freedom. The song bursts into life with shimmering guitars, a driving rhythm, and monumental choruses that echo the classic Mancunian swagger synonymous with the music of the '90s. As witnessed during the closing night of their recent tour in Manchester, the track serves as an electrifying opener, setting the stage for an unforgettable live experience.

Rosellas unquestionably stand out as a band that skillfully absorbs musical influences from the past, weaving them into a distinctive and identifiable sound that is undeniably their own. Their craft is nothing short of exceptional, resulting in a sound that is not only unique but also profoundly captivating. In every note and lyric, Rosellas showcase a musical finesse that positions them as a force to be reckoned with in the contemporary music landscape—a force that is undoubtedly and impressively their own. 

Check out their latest single release 'The Same Curse' Below 👇


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