This week’s guitar of the week is the iconic "Fender Stratocaster". This guitar is the ultimate guitar.

Versatile with its 3 wire coiled voice pick ups that transfer vibrations from the strings to the amplifier. The Fender Stratocaster is the versatile king. The ultimate guitar...

When the “Strat” was first released most guitars only had two pick ups so, it really was a new and innovative piece of musical history. It also featured a new vibrato that could let players change and vary their pitch. The simple but effective metal arm at the end of the strings was a game changer in electric guitar history.


Stratocaster guitar of the week the music trunk
Leo Fender got to business in creating an improvement on the Telecaster but, the end result was the "strat" a completely new guitar that is synonymous with the phrase “Electric guitar”. If you asked almost anyone what does an Electric guitar look like? More likely than not the “strat” is what they envision. It’s hard to believe that when first on the market it wasn’t easy to sell. The price was too expensive at around €249.50 which didn't fit well in the 1950’s as the average monthly wage was around €300.


So many guitarists choose the “strat” as their first-choice guitar and so many iconic guitarist we know and love are renowned for it. Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Rory Gallagher to name a few, the list is way too exhaustive! The “strat” is so versatile that it is used in any genre which makes it one of guitarists first choice. This guitar should always be a part of your collection...

The ultimate guitar, a versatile powerhouse!

 Stratocaster neck and nut guitar of the week themusictrunk

The Fender Stratocaster has many variations and is available at most well known guitar stores across the world. Prices will vary depending on variation, pick-ups, year and model.

Here is a list of Strat players that are outstanding. Have a listen to the "Incredible Strat players" Spotify playlist 👆

• Jimi Hendrix
• Stevie Ray Vaughan
• Rory Gallagher
• Eric Clapton
• Mark Knopfler
• Nile Rogers
• Jeff Beck
• David Gilmour
• George Harrison
• Buddy Holly
• Eric Johnson
• Yngwie Malmsteen
• Hank Marvin
• Abert Hammond Jr
• Alex Turner
• John Mayer
• Tash Sultana
• Joe Bonamassa
• Billie Joe Armstrong
• Curt Cobain