Strings & Picks



Have you ever been there? Playing along and then SNAP! A string snaps (usually the G!)

TMT have got you covered!

Imagine not having to worry about ordering your strings, knowing you have fresh ones arriving on a specific day?


Yep, that's right you guessed it...
A string subscription that keeps you freshened up without having to worry about those dreaded snappy days...
But that's not all, we are complimenting your strings with a bunch of picks too!

For just £10 a month!

Strings & Picks 



With a choice of string brand and gauge you will never be bored of receiving your Strings & Picks.  Choose your pick gauge too and get yourself a different collection of picks every time! Maybe you want to be surprised? Just check the 'Surprise me' option and wait and see what exciting new strings & picks you'll receive!

Choose from 1, 2 or 3 monthly Strings & Picks subscription

'No strings attached'

Guitar players are all different and their string needs are in different strains. So if you only need strings every other month? That's fine as is every month or maybe quarterly? The choice is all yours.
Don't worry 'no strings attached' (excuse the pun) you can switch, amend or cancel at any time, so the subscription is purely on your terms!


Subscription orders are processed and sent the first week of every month with free delivery. We will let you know when they are on their way! 
If a subscription is not your thing that's OK! For one off purchases our normal delivery policy refers. 

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